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                Barrio "La Ladrillera" Football

footballperika.jpg (42280 bytes)This picture is of "La Perica" Pedro Vigil.  He is almost at our own goal line (see the light post) at the corner of Sanchez St. and Anna Ave.  We used to call our games the North vs South game.  I cannot remember anyone getting seriously injured. It was touch football. footballlencho.jpg (51552 bytes)  notice pegged pants.  This is Teole Liendo catching the football. 
footballjoeflores.jpg (39368 bytes) The arrow is on "Jollo" Joe Arambula, a real heavy weight lineman. The runner is Joe Flores, our best Jock from La Ladrillera.


footballerasmo.jpg (17619 bytes)La Ladrillera. We are playing at the corner of Sanchez and Anna Ave.  Notice the very wide size of Anna Ave.  This street was a airplane landing strip during WWII and later used by the Border Patrol.  It was built of compressed dirt soaked with oil.  It was fenced all the way to Bruni St.  Where the break in the Stone Wall stands is the entrancy to a present day grade school.
Erasmo "Doc"  Riojas HMC(SEAL)USN, Retired football.jpg (37414 bytes)the photographer is looking towards the railroad tracks side of Anna Ave.   Erasmo Riojas took all these pictures with a real cheap size 127 camera.

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